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  • The magnificent and fascinating Israeli armored corps museum in Latrun.
  • A very large amusement park called “Mini Israel”.
  • The Hagana-Palmach Organization Museum – An interactive audio-visual museum telling the story of the Palmach organization
  • The Hagana-Palmach Organization Bullet Factory – the place which was built under the nose of the British Army, camouflaged as a kibbutz.
  • Rothschild Boulevard, the first street built in Tel Aviv in 1908, visiting the Hall of Independence, the place where David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister, made the Declaration of Independence in May 1948.
    Looking at the Meir Dizengoff statue, First Mayor of Tel Aviv.
    We will also see the monument of the first families who built Tel Aviv on top of sand dunes.
  • Visiting Neve Tzedek – one of the first neighborhoods in Tel Aviv to see the galleries and the boutiques.
  • The State of Israel Independent Hall, the place where the first Prime Minister ‘Ben Gurion’ made the State Declaration.