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In order to explore Jerusalem properly, you will need at least two days set aside to capture all of its beauty and History.

The Old City of Jerusalem – Day 1

There are a substantial amount of possibilities when visiting Jerusalem, the following are but a few:

Mount Scopus and the Mountain of Olives. This overlooks the old city and the Temple Mountain.

Gethsemane. Which houses a number of different Churches: (Dominus Flavit), the Catholic Basilica of Gethsemane, the Greek Orthodox Basilica, where Virgin Mary was buried.

King David’s city: The place where King David established the first Jewish capital of Israel.

Mount Zion : Three different holy places: King David’s Tomb, The Last Supper Room, and Dormizion Abbey (the place where Virgin Mary lived before she passed away).
We will then continue to the old city, crossing the Jewish Quarter and the Roman Kardo, visiting the holiest Jewish place on earth – The Wailing Wall. We will then continue to the Via Dolorosa: The 14 Stations of the Cross and the Holy Sepulture Church to see the place the Romans nailed Jesus to the cross, and crucified him; the place where his family and friends purified the body. Lastly, we will visit the burial cave where Jesus was buried. When we finish visiting these holy sites we can find free time to visit the authentic Arab Bazaar.

The New City of Jerusalem – Day 2

In the new city we have many interesting sites:

The very famous Jewish painter, Mark Chagall Synagogue located in Hadassah Medical center
Mount Hertzel – The National Cemetery, where most Israeli Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chairmen of the House are buried; Mr. Benjamin Theodore Hertzel is also buried there himself.
Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Museum. A very large complex built by the Israelis to give everyone an idea of the horrible genocide of the Jewish Nation under the Nazis. As we say in Israel “We can forgive, we can’t forget”.
The State of Israel parliamentary center – the Israeli House of Parliament and the Israeli State Symbol – the seven-branch Menorah Statue. In the same area we can watch and visit the Israeli Supreme Court, we can see the National Bank building,
The Prime Minister’s Office Building and the other Israeli ministries buildings.
Israel Museum – in this museum we have temporary art exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition called “Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition” and the magnificent “Jerusalem Second Temple Model”
The very famous outdoor fruit and vegetable market “Machane Yehuda”, the most famous Falafel Sandwich in Israel. A must see.
The Israeli State symbol “The Menora Statue” which is situated infront of the Israeli Parliament House.